Hydraulicky kovaci lis / hydraulic forging press

Hey guys . Ceck out the hydraulic forging press i just finished  it had a hard times with it to finish it but here it comes 😉 someone is waiting for the knife so now im fully back in knifemaking process 😉  cheers

5,5kw , 30l/min , 100 – 200 bar = 20t – 40 t 😉 
It should be possible to push it up to 250 bar but im afraid about the construction than .. 😉

on this video is the press vs 35mm , w5 steel bar 😉 


5,5kw , 30l/min , 100 – 200 bar = 20t – 40 t 😉

Bylo by mozne to vysponovat az na nejakych 50t pri 250barech ale to uz bych mel trochu strach o konstrukci 😉

Hellboy vs 35mm tyc, ocel 19191. ani to neni tak zhave jak to na videu vypada .. tipuju teplotu kolem 1000st.