Fotky z akcí / Event photos


Hi everyone .

Last year, I managed to “re-cyclate” a pretty big pile of bog oak, that was originaly part of the medieval bridge  The wood comes from the channel of the Morava river and was discovered during the reconstruction of the bridge at Gorazd square in Olomouc city. The dating of the bridge is determined by silver coins around year 1300 AD . I have already dryed some pieces and soon you will see them on incoming knives  The wood is very hard and compact. The color vary from the brown/ very dark chocolade brown to the black ones Such a small treasure! 🤩👑💣And for that, there are thousands thanks for archeologist team leader !! Thanks Filip!  🙏🙏🙏🙏👍

W.I.P – Fotky z procesu 

Vyroba “rakvoveho” bowie 🙂 – Making coffin bowie

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Vyroba velkeho damaskoveho noze / making a big damascus knife

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Smelcovano oroshigane / Oroshigane welding – cleaning

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Par fotek z letosniho Hefaistonu  

Some photos from Hefaiston – internacional blacksmith meeting – competition

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Tavba oroshigane 

Oroshigane melting

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Buchlovske kovani 2013 – s Jirkou Nemcem, Lubou Kratkym, Honzou Laurem, Petrem Lipovskym, Standou Prikrylem a mnou 😉

Blacksmith meeting at Buchlov castle 2013 …

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Ostre elegantni – Vystava chladnych zbrani na hrade Helfstyne

Sharply elegant – Custom knife exibition on Helfstyn castle

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Damaskove kovani s Jirkou Nemcem …

Some damascus forging with my friend Jiri Nemec …

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